The Ops Compendium

Hi! The Ops Compendium is a central place to learn about everything Ops, such as MLOps, DataOps, etc., similar to the Deep Learning & Machine Learning Compendium. I share it as an educational tool in order to allow people to learn and connect to all the great authors that I summarized, quoted, and referenced.

The Ops Compendium is a fully open project on GitBook & GitHub (please star it!). I believe in education and knowledge sharing and the compendium will always be not-for-profit and free. I see this compendium as a gateway, as a frequently visited resource for people of various proficiency levels, for industry experts, data engineers, machine learning engineers, devops, data scientists, and academics. The compendium will save you countless hours googling and sifting through articles that may not give you any value, and for reaching great authors that you can support further.

Please keep in mind that this is a perpetual work in progress with a variety of topics. If you feel that something should be changed, you can now easily contribute using GitBook, GitHub , or contact me.

- Dr. Ori Cohen

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